to Gazzella

We are a lighting design agency Focused on helping our clients get the best Design Package for their products

We offer personalized design packages based on your specific needs and goals

We provide high quality, realistic 3D Renders

This way, you can show your clients how a space will look after your fixtures are installed

We deliver fast and are a reliable team that you can trust

Our mission is to be present whenever you need us and to help you complete your projects as efficiently as possible

About Us

Aaron Guzman is the lead engineer and owner of our agency. He is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork for over 6 years and has assembled a fantastic team of engineers to deliver high-quality projects with excellent customer support.

Electrical Engineer with over 10 years of international experience in industrial and commercial fields, oriented towards lighting specifications and lighting designs for indoor and outdoor solutions, and skilled in designing electrical circuits and wiring and installing industrial, electrical, and electronic equipment.

Dynamic and adaptable, willing to help with any engineering-related situation or any area where knowledge might come in useful.